Point Plomer Malibu Club

Point Plomer Malibu Club Inc was established in 1995 after several friends got together in the early 1990's to have some fun and compete for bragging rights.

All competitions are held within school holidays and long weekends. Following the competition there is a presentation and get-together. The competitions are all about having fun! Club fees are $20 per person / families.

All new members and families are welcome to participate on any club days throughout the year. The classic "Endless Plomer" T shirts, stickers, hats and hoodies are available for purchase on club days.

Age Divisions

° Grommets 5 - 12 years
° Juniors 13 - 17 years
° Seniors 18 - 50 years
° Legends 50 & beyond.

For more info call Brett 0439 821 630

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